Why Choose VRC Document Shredding Services

Reason 1: Simply Put: Your Mind at Ease
Reason 2: Honesty and Reliability
Reason 3: Unsurpassed Customer Service
Reason 4: Security
Reason 5: Competitive Pricing
Reason 6: State of the Art Facility and Equipment
Reason 7: Environmentally Conscious

Simply Put: Your Mind at Ease

We have been told by our clients, time and time again, that we are their shredder of choice because of our ability to provide refined care and personalized attention to detail. VRC will help put your mind at ease!

VRC Document Shredding Services is a Certified Small Business Enterprise with deep roots in our community. We are a division of Valley Recycling Center, a company providing waste diversion and recycling services to both public and industrial clients since 1979. Confidential document shredding was a necessary progression to support the business needs of our community.

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Honesty and Reliability……………Your Mind at Ease

Our aim is to establish lasting relationships and form mutually-beneficial partnerships with our community and the businesses we service. We believe the best way to accomplish our long-term goals is with honesty, integrity and reliability. Our team members conduct themselves professionally, and with the utmost respect for your business policies and ethics. Your confidence in our abilities will put your mind at ease when it comes to properly handling your confidential document shredding program.

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Unsurpassed Customer Service……………Your Mind at Ease

VRC account representatives are knowledgeable, patient, and eager to assist our clients in making the right document shredding choices. The owners and management staff delegate duties with the utmost care and consideration of the “big picture”. As such, our operation is well-staffed with long-term, knowledgeable and dedicated employees who are always smiling.

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Security……………Your Mind at Ease

We employ the latest technology and security measures to protect our clients and their valuable information. We are members of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) and strictly adhere to its guiding principles of shredding standards and ethics. Our employees are screened for criminal history, credit background, driving record, and drug use. They are friendly, uniformed, and will display their ID badges at all times.

Within our FACILITY, we practice the guidelines set forth by NAID:

  • VRC document shredding area is sectioned off and secured from unauthorized access.
  • Each corner of the shredding area and access doors are monitored with cameras and digitally recorded. The recordings are stored for 90 days as per NAID requirements.
  • The destruction equipment is maintained and operated safely.
  • Access to the shredding area is restricted to Security Access Personnel possessing access badges only.
  • VRC requires each visitor to sign our Visitor Log, as required by NAID and wear a Visitors Access Badge while touring our facility.

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Competitive Pricing……………Your Mind at Ease

The shredding fees VRC charges are highly competitive and reasonable – we are lower than our most successful competitors and the superiority of our service is unparalleled. We have structured our pricing based on:

  1. efficient operational procedures and equipment;
  2. knowledgeable, skilled employees;
  3. liability insurance protection and security costs.

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State of the Art Facility and Equipment……………Your Mind at Ease

VRC Shredding operates out of our 37,000 square-foot facility located in Chatsworth, California. Our heavy-duty, pulverizing shredder is capable of destroying materials other than paper, including Compact Disks / DVD’s, Credit Cards, X-Rays, Analog Storage Cassettes, Photographs, Video Tape, Transparencies, and Plastic Vaults.

Digital Security Camera monitoring and recording is installed for our management controls and your review. In Accordance with NAID guidelines, all access doors, processing areas and vault storage areas are monitored by our digital security cameras. All activities taking place within our facility are digitally recorded and reviewed by management in a play-back mode, to ensure all procedures are followed properly. The recorded videotapes are made available to clients upon request for an additional documnetation fee.

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Environmentally Conscious……………Your Mind at Ease

VRC Shredding parent company is tremendously environmentally conscious. They have been diverting waste paper from landfills since 1979. As a result, all of the shredded paper materials from the VRC Shredding operations will be recycled also. In 2005 Valley Recycling Center and VRC Document Shredding Services saved over 112,200 trees and 19,800 cubic yards of landfill. You can be confident that – after destruction – your waste papers will be recycled!

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